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One of my regular clients recently asked me if I thought that all horses are empaths.

To find out more about what an empath is, this is a useful article. Basically, in humans empaths are people who feel emotion strongly, tend to be quite sensitive, and are strongly affected by other people’s emotions or even the emotions or energy of places they visit.

My gut feeling was, well surely yes, horses would be empaths, wouldn’t they? After all, they can’t speak; they learn and communicate by feeling what’s going on around them (and of course reading body language). They would appear to be much more intuitive, sensitive, and therefore empathic, than the majority of humans.

“Is my horse an empath?”
  she then wanted to know – so, me being me (ie endlessly curious and always up for a challenge), I had to find out…

When I asked her horse the question, I got a big yes, and my client confirmed that she wasn’t surprised, based on her knowledge of the horse. Of course it just piqued my interest though, so I decided to add this question in to the survey I was running at the time!

At that time I was also asking over 100 horses (using their photo, an energetic connection, and my pendulum):

  • Do you like wearing shoes? (you can read the results of that one here), and
  • Do you have trauma in your body? (you can read more here.)

I was surprised to find that the results were…

21% of horses are empaths.

I really expected it to be much higher, what about you?!

To find out more, I meditated about this one. What I discovered is that, for horses, being an empath is directly related to how spiritually mature they are –

the more incarnations they have had as a horse, the more likely they are to be an empath.

When I checked back in my records to see how spiritually mature my client’s horse is (the one that triggered this question), I was reminded (I have a pretty rubbish memory, so it’s just as well I keep records about everything, lol) that yes, she is very spiritually mature. (This particular horse is on her 99th incarnation as a horse, which is high, and in this lifetime is here to teach.)

It would follow then that only 21% of the horses that were in my survey are spiritually mature…
(perhaps that’s a question for another survey!)

Here’s the Facebook live with all the results (fast forward to about 23.30 for the empath results) –

There were a few comments, during the survey and the Live results, like,
“my horse is an empath, he always knows how I’m feeling”, or
“my horse is good at looking after his rider”, etc
That’s not quite the same thing though.

For instance, (I believe) you can have a telepathic bond without necessarily feeling the energetic emotion of the other or the situation. You can care for and look after someone, have a deep bond with them, for many reasons other than empathy. And your horse can know how you’re feeling (because you have a bond, or because he can read your body language), without being adversely affected by it.

Does it matter whether your horse is an empath or not?

Probably not – and, a lot of human empaths find it can actually adversely affect them quite a lot, until they learn how to manage it via protection, acknowledgement etc.

How would you know?
Well, if you have suspicions or want to know more, we can investigate in an animal communication session. If you have a horse that always seems to play up, get angry, or get anxious when you go to a certain place or are around a certain person, they may well be an empath.

What can you do about it?
Again, in an session we can explore what’s going on, why, and perhaps explain things to the horse and help them find a way to protect themselves. Or, you can try verbally explaining things to them – ‘so and so will be there today, I know you don’t feel comfortable around her, but I’ll look out for you’.

Is your horse an empath? How does it affect them? Is it a good thing, or not? Let me know in the comments!

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Til next time, keep connecting with your horses!

Trisha x

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