It’s time to figure out what’s going on with your horse!

Get feedback, and an action plan on their:

physical health, and pain level

dietary needs

tack fit, teeth, hoof balance etc

energetic health and balance (ie energy field and chakras)

any past life issues that are affecting them

Plus ask all your burning questions.

A fully comprehensive report, for just NZ $99

All I need is a photo of your horse, and his name

(My horse) has been so much better lately and looks a million bucks.  Your work really makes a massive difference – please don’t ever stop!

Well Trisha the farrier has just confirmed what you said in (my horse’s) last reading was “100% correct”!  Thank you

Other ways I can help

Herd Re-balance

If the hooves are flying, or you’re introducing a new herd member, restore harmony with a herd energy clear and re-balance.

Pre-Purchase Check

Tick all your boxes by finding out his health and fitness, suitability, and whether he’s supposed to be with you, before you buy.


Learn how to communicate on a deeper level with your own horse.

Being somewhat of a skeptic about this Animal Communication, I was blown away at accuracy of the information you had given me on three individual horses I was considering purchasing.

In one particular situation, I had so wished your feedback was different, however, it turned out you were very accurate and I was grateful for heeding your advice. That horse was definitely not right for me.

Thank you so much for the level of detail you provided and furthermore, you were very happy to answer any ongoing questions after the reading.

Trisha – You are truly gifted.

I would highly recommend your services to anyone.

Sue Brown



The questions I get asked most commonly.

How do sessions work?

I work remotely, and all I need is a photo (anything is fine) and the name of your horse.  Once I’ve done my session, I’ll get back to you with a full report, either via email or Facebook Messenger.  You can then come back with additional questions within 24 hours.

Does it need to be a recent photo?

Any photo is fine, even if it’s just a head shot.  I’m not reading what I see in the photo; it’s just a way to make an energetic connection with your animal.

When will I get my reading?

I usually do readings within 48 hours of receiving the booking.  If it’s going to take longer I’ll let you know – bear in mind that I always wait until the time and energy feels ‘right’.  If your session is urgent, please let me know when you book.

What can I ask?

You can ask anything!  Typically people want to know if their horse is happy and knows that it’s loved; they might ask about specific health issues; why he is doing (or not doing) a certain thing; whether he likes his job / the discipline you’ve chosen for him / his herd / his farrier, bodyworker etc.

What are your pendulum experiments?

I love statistics, and I love using a pendulum.  To really get a feel for how horses feel about a certain thing I need a decent sample size, say, 100 horses.  Since it would take a while to canvas that many in the course of my ‘normal’ sessions, a quick pendulum survey can be enlightening.  Owners post a photo of their horse, and I ask it a yes / no question – the latest was, ‘do you like wearing shoes?’.  (You can read about the results of that one here.)

Can you find my lost pet?

I’m sorry, lost pets aren’t my forte unfortunately!

Do you do free readings?

I occasionally do free readings as part of a Facebook Live, so make sure you ‘like’ my page, and have the notifications for the page turned ‘on’ and ‘see first’ – then you’ll get notified any time I go live.

I also do occasional free readings for people subscribed to my mailing list, or in my group.

Do you want clarity on your horse’s health and happiness?  Book your session here

I am astonished at the changes that I am seeing in (my horse), and I can really see him in what you wrote.  Thanks so much Trisha, this was really amazing and helped me a lot, too. It’s a real eyeopener.

I’m pleased I contacted you. I feel much more clear about whats going on for (him) and feel I know how to go about attending to his needs.


Do you find yourself wondering, ‘What’s wrong with my horse?’


Grab yourself my free 6 page pdf to gain some clarity.

If you’re worried about your horse’s health or behaviour, this is for you; I share the common issues that come up in my sessions.

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