Connect With Your Horse

Animal Communication Course


Identify and develop your Animal Communication skills now!

Do you wish you could hear what your horse is trying to tell you?

Want to learn how to understand and trust the information he’s already sending you?

Learn how to develop and practice your skills, new or existing, in a structured way?

This self study course is for you

In 6 weeks worth of training you’ll learn from 24 video lessons, 8 guided meditations, homework downloads, and much more.

Build a strong foundation now

Just NZ $149

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This course is applicable whether you’re:

a complete beginner,

are already getting random info but don’t know what it means,

or have some experience but want to go back and get your foundation strong in a more structured way.

Read what previous students said:


I had been wanting to do Trisha’s course for a long while, and now having completed it can say that i was not disappointed! Prior to doing this course I had done some reading and listened to a couple of podcasts, however Trisha’s course made animal communication come alive and be so much more meaningful. One of my key learnings was to trust my intuition and believe in the messages I receive. I’m now looking forward to continuing on my spiritual journey. Thank you Trisha – a fab course and one I would have no hesitation recommending.


Although interested in this kind of thing my experience was nil. My biggest thing I got out of the course was to really believe in yourself and have confidence in yourself and what you see/hear/feel. I am able to communicate with our animals now, even at the very start of a steep learning curve. Absolutely delighted that I did this course and recommend it to all. Its a 5 out of 5 from me. Thank You Trisha.

Cathy Vennell

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