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Does your horse trust you?

Do you know if your horse trusts you? How? Are you sure? I thought this was an interesting question to ask in a survey recently. Particularly, I was curious to find out if the individual results were what owners thought they would be, and, what the overall percentages...

Are horses empaths?

One of my regular clients recently asked me if I thought that all horses are empaths. To find out more about what an empath is, this is a useful article. Basically, in humans empaths are people who feel emotion strongly, tend to be quite sensitive, and are strongly...

Do horses retain trauma?

As a horse communicator, I recently wondered how many horses retain trauma in their bodies? On the one hand, they are better than us at living in the moment, and therefore letting go of experiences that don't serve them well. But, if they've had a bad injury,...

Do horses like wearing shoes?

As a horse communicator, I'm used to my clients asking a wide range of questions. This one had been asked a few times, so I decided to see if I could find out. Lots of people have very definite ideas over whether horses SHOULD wear shoes or not - but what do horses...

What are you scared to hear your horse say?

Do you find yourself asking, "Is my horse happy?" Are you holding off from booking an animal communication session with them - or, tuning in more closely yourself - because you're worried about what they might say? You're not alone - this is one of the most common...

Can I talk to my own animals?

Since I'm an Animal Communicator, often people ask me how well I can communicate with my own animals. Not so good, actually! There are a few reasons, I think. The personal relationship and history makes it harder to be impartial and unemotional about what might come...

Are Zoo animals happy?

I visited the Zoo last week... I've been intending to go for months; I found that I was really curious to know what it would feel like, whether the animals would talk to me, what they might say. Now, generally speaking I'm not a fan of Zoos. It makes me very...

A day in the Life of an Animal Communicator

Listen to the blog here: I've been asked a few times what my average day looks like, so here you go - I assure you it's not glamorous! First thing I'm a slow starter in the morning, so I usually float about in my dressing gown for an hour or two before feeling awake....

Horse loading problems

Is your horse anxious around the float or trailer? Does he refuse to get on – or rush off? Read my steps, and my animal communication tips.

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