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As a horse communicator, I recently wondered, do horses retain trauma in their bodies? On the one hand, they are better than us at living in the moment, and therefore letting go of experiences that don’t serve them well. But, if they’ve had a bad injury, accident, or experience, would they still be affected by the trauma (physical or mental / emotional), that resulted?

So, I did a survey!

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I checked 112 horses – from their photo and name, using my pendulum. I asked the question,

Does this horse have trauma in its body?

(Asking a yes / no question using a pendulum is an easy way to quickly get an answer from a decent subset of horses.)

So, do horses retain trauma?

57% of horses said yes, they had trauma in their bodies.

Obviously, in a one to one session, this would raise more questions –

  • How much trauma?
  • Has it been there for long?
  • Is it detrimental / how much is it affecting them?
  • Where is it?
  • What caused it?
  • Is it mental, emotional, or physical trauma?

Also, I realised that just a ‘yes / no’ answer isn’t very definitive – in other words, a horse that said ‘no’ could be being stoic, or might have a high pain threshold. A ‘no’ doesn’t necessarily mean there is zero trauma…

So, I checked the collective (ie all 112 horses together) with my pendulum.

What I discovered was that a ‘no’ answer meant that there could be up to 25% trauma for the horse, and a ‘yes’ was anything over 25%.

In other words, a horse that said ‘no’ could have zero trauma, or low level trauma.

A horse that said ‘yes’, could have low to medium levels of trauma – or extremely high levels.

Yet another rabbit hole to go down! But these top level, seemingly general questions do give us a starting point, and a way to start identifying and narrowing down what’s going on with any particular horse.

In my subsequent one to one horse communication sessions I’ve been developing my energy clearing skills, to pinpoint and permanently clear the trauma that is identified.

I’m hopeful that it’s one more way that we can help our horses feel better, be healthier and happier, and enable them to leave past experiences in the past.

Check out the videos on my YouTube channel for more of my experiences and insights, here.

Do you have any burning questions it would be interesting to ask a cross section of horses in one of my pendulum survey‘s? Let me know in the comments!

Til next time, keep connecting with your horses,

Trisha x

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