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Sometimes owners ask ‘Why didn’t this come up in my animal communication session?’ 

Perhaps their horse has a current or old injury they expected to find out about.  So, do our animals hide things from us? 

Most of the time when I’m doing sessions it’s on animals that I don’t know, from just a photo.  And usually, the owner doesn’t ask their questions or tell me what’s been going on with their pet until after I’ve done the first connection with them.

This means that I’m not influenced by what they might tell me up front – but it also sometimes means that owner’s are surprised about what DIDN’T come up…

  • Surely, I should be able to see that they had a bad accident when they were young?
  • Shouldn’t it be obvious to me that there is a serious injury right now?

What isn’t he telling us?


In my experience, there are 3 main reasons why something DOESN’T come up in an Animal Communication session.


The main one seems to be that the current injury isn’t causing them any pain.

If the animal isn’t in any pain – probably because you’re already attending to the injury – then it might not show up to me straight away.

When I connect with the animal again, with knowledge about something specific, I can then see it and find out more about it, and even add more healing to it.


The second reason something might not show up is simply because it’s not an issue for the animal.

Whilst you might be concerned about that old injury, they might not be, there may be no pain or discomfort from it.

One thing to bear in mind in this instance is that what you think is a problem may not be what they think is a problem…  In other words, what you really want to know may actually be whether that old injury is going to prevent your horse from doing x, y or z.  Your horse however, living in the moment, just knows it’s not bothering him ‘now’.

This is something I can check easily for you, just let me know.


The 3rd reason what you expected didn’t show up?  Because they deliberately hid it!

This doesn’t happen often, and I tend to know from the feel of the session that something isn’t quite right.


Is she hiding something?


Why might they hide things?

  • They don’t want to worry or inconvenience you

I can usually spot this one because of the way the animal feels; anxious, being careful what they say, just a lack of openess.  Often just reassuring them that their owner wants to help is all that’s needed.

  • It’s painful and they don’t want you messing with it!

I did one session with a horse, and afterwards the owner said, ‘But what about the big cut on his lip?’   When I ‘visited’ the horse again, sure enough he was very clearly turning his head away from me so that I couldn’t see the cut.  That hadn’t been obvious first time around.  I told him I knew about it now, so he might as well let me take a look!  He was hiding it because his owner had been treating it with cream that was quite stingy, and he didn’t want her to keep doing that!

  • They’re in denial about it.

I’ve had two experiences of ‘denial’ recently.

The first was with a cockatiel, who had flown out of an open window in the apartment he lived in.  Heavy snow was forecast, the temperature was low, and his owner was beside herself.  I connected with the bird, and he assured me that he was fine, safe, and only a few minutes away.  He said he knew his way home and would go back now.  However, when I checked again about 15 minutes later he still wasn’t home.  I connected with him again… what’s going on?  He was still adamant that he was on his way home, but by this time I could tell that it was part bravado, and part denial.  He wasn’t going to make it, and he didn’t want to admit it, to himself or to his owner.

Then I did a reading for a cat that had passed over.  He’d been run over, and his owner had been grieving him for 18 months.  She wanted to know what had happened, and if he was ok now.  I kept getting ‘no’, he wasn’t run over, which made no sense.  It was also unusual that he was still hanging around after that amount of time.  Eventually I decided to go ahead and help him ‘go to the light’, which he did.  Once there his story changed!  He HAD been run over, but it had been his fault.  He’d run out in front of the car, and he hadn’t wanted to admit it.  (Which was also probably why he’d been ‘stuck’ in limbo for 18 months.)


Isn’t it fascinating?!

So, there’s no need to worry or be surprised if something you expect to come up in a session doesn’t.  Let me know if you want me to check a specific injury, or ask more questions to clarify exactly what is going on!


Keep connecting with your animals,

Trisha x

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