Hi, I’m Trisha Wren, and I’m a Horse Communicator and healer – horses have been my passion, my whole life.  I was an ‘equine professional’ (instructor, trainer, and clinician) in Western riding for 10 years, and then horse and rider bio-mechanics for 10 years, and still have 2 equine ‘paddock ornaments’ and muses.  

If you’re concerned about your horse, want to know what’s going on with them, or just want reassurance that they’re happy and healthy, get in touch and I’ll check them out for you.

This is me!

Why pick me?

Are you looking for an Animal Communicator that ‘chats’ to your horse?  One that receives a stream of conversation from them and can tell you what their favourite colour is?

That’s not me.

Not all Animal Communicators receive their information that way.  Whilst I do receive words, sentences, and answers to my specific questions, what I also get are visuals, colours, emotions, and most importantly, lots of information about the energetic health and balance of your animal.

I’ve learned over many, many sessions how to ask your horse questions, what all the information I receive means, and how to translate it for you.

My biggest point of difference from ‘normal’ animal communication, is including energy balancing and healing in all of my sessions.

– energetic imbalance, in my experience, is the biggest cause of unhappiness, grumpiness, bad behaviour, unexplained behaviour, etc.


The results speak for themselves:

Hi Trish, I wanted to let you know that my farrier saw Eve on Thursday and I asked him to check her front feet. He found exactly what you had described. Thank you

Fiona Felton

Thanks so much Trisha – you have an amazing gift and it makes me so happy to be able to communicate on a different level with the loves of my life.

Jessie Dixon

Wow! Thank you. Once again, you are so spot on. We had a tough day on Sunday (so I’m) not surprised that she wasn’t up to chatting and that you needed to do some work on her. So happy we found you.

I’m also a bit of a statistics geek…

I like measurable results, and that’s what you’ll get in your sessions with me.  Every now and then, I take it further, and conduct ‘experiments’ with my pendulum as a way of finding out stats for those burning questions we all have for our horses.

How intelligent is your horse / pet?

I was curious, so I checked 143 animals using my pendulum - 1/3 cats, 1/3 dogs, and 1/3 horses.Which species is most intelligent?How does your horse or pet stack up against the average intelligence of their species?You can read the whole blog, and my conclusions, here! https://www.trishawren.com/how-intelligent-is-your-pet/

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I was born in Scotland, where I had regular riding lessons as a child, rode friends’ ponies, and worked at a Welsh Cob stud farm.  I bought my first horse in my early 20’s, and switched to Western riding after getting my BHS Stage 3.  I rode Western for 15 years, including organising shows and clinics, teaching, and competing, then worked in the US as apprentice / assistant to a well-known clinician for 2 years.

The way horses’ bodies worked interested me more and more, leading to teach horse and rider biomechanics.  I love Feldenkrais (body awareness through movement), and the Tellington Method, which has to be the softest most considerate way of working with horses on the ground that I have experienced.

‘Talking’ to animals, and understanding them better, was always my desire.  

Learning Reiki helped start opening me up to energetic ways of working, and I did go on a couple of ‘animal communication’ workshops but didn’t feel much different afterwards.  I also desperately wanted to be able to meditate but it didn’t seem to happen for me.

major change happened after my husband and I emigrated from Scotland to New Zealand.  In 2013 a friend invited me to her meditation group – and from the very first night I had a range of experiences that seemed to fast track my abilities.

My Journey

Over the next couple of years in the meditation group it seemed like every possible experience was being thrown at me, checking to see if I could feel, articulate, and cope with different things.  I was in a very safe, supportive environment, and never felt any fear, but instead relished the adventure, sucked in the new information, and kept asking for more!  (Bring it on was a common mantra, lol.)  

I learned how to protect myself, how to connect with different levels of Spirit, and most importantly how to pay attention to my intuition.   

I also started to get more information about horses on a spiritual level, like their reincarnation process, and their life purpose.  

As I went I started incorporating my new knowledge into the lessons and clinics I was teaching, practicing and figuring out exactly what I could do.  By the end of 2014 I had developed my own protocol for doing Distance Communications with horses, and did lots of free practice on my willing volunteers.  Talking to animals, and hearing their feelings and opinions, was suddenly happening!

The amazing feedback about the accuracy of my sessions spurred me on, and in April 2016 I finally realised that this spiritual path is where all my focus and energy should lie.  I stopped all the travelling and teaching I’d been doing for the last 15 years and now spend my days connecting with animals from my meditation chair. 

I’ve also returned to my teaching roots, with my own online animal communication courses.  The journey continues!

How I went from Equine Professional to Animal Communicator -

Listen to my interview on 'Spiritual Radio', 7 November 2017, where I share my journey. (15 mins)

If you’re interested in more detail about what I can do for you, check out my various sessions here:

I admit I was sceptic (well half sceptic – I do have an open mind) but was pleasantly surprised by the report. What was really cool was that she was able to pick up that Peanut had an injury on her right side at the time simply by looking at a photo of her from before. When it comes to animal communication, she knows her stuff.

Michelle M Yandle

New Zealand

I asked Trisha for a reading for my old Mare as she was not her usual self and had had some unexplained health issues. I was totally amazed by how accurate Trisha was in bringing up the problems (even down to the correct legs!) as well as other things that I was curious about.
You have an amazing gift Trisha and thank you so much for sharing it with us

Roxanne Agnew

New Zealand

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