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I’ve been asked a few times what my average day looks like, so if you’ve been wondering what a day in the life of an Animal Communicator looks like, here you go – I assure you it’s not glamorous!

First thing

I’m a slow starter in the morning, so I usually float about in my dressing gown for an hour or two before feeling awake. I’ll generally have a quick check of my emails and Facebook during this time to see what’s come up over night.

Once I’m feeling more awake, I walk my 2 dogs up the farm and back.  Since I spend the majority of my day sitting in my office, this morning walk is a good way for me to get out in the fresh air and get some exercise, and tune in to nature. The dogs trot along doing their thing; Levi is generally close to me, while Pippa runs in and out of every paddock we pass, and has at least 1 dip in a water trough.

At this time of year (summer in NZ) I get a lovely sound bath from the crickets and cicadas when I walk through the trees at the far end of our walk.  There’s one particular spot, too, where I might stop for a chat with a friendly tree spirit. I also use the time to do a bit of a walking mediation, which I find really helps to prepare me for my day.

Back home, I feed my 2 horses, then usually put on / hang out some laundry. (Today, I did 4 loads of washing – told you my life wasn’t glamorous, right?! – as it was changeover day from our Woolshed, which we rent out.)

Then it’s off to my office!

I check to see what new bookings have come in, what payments have been made, and what responses I’ve had to yesterday’s sessions. I plan what the priorities of the day are, then sit down in my meditation chair to start doing ‘client’ sessions (ie animal communication sessions). Invariably both dogs are with me, and often the cat too!

My colleagues / office companions…

I do anything from 3-6 sessions most days. Today I’ve done 5:
2 horse herd energy re-balances,
3 dogs.

I do 99% of my sessions remotely, from just the photo and name of the animal. For new animals that I’ve never connected with before, I tend to do them ‘blind’, ie with no info up front from the owner. I like working this way as I get a clearer, unobstructed picture of what is currently going on with their health, happiness, and energy.

Sessions generally get done within a couple of days of being booked. I just ‘know’ when it’s time, when an animal is ready for me. If I have several sessions planned for a particular day, I very much do them in the order that I get pulled to, the only exception being if the owner has specified that it’s urgent.

So, I have a look at the photo that I’ve been sent on the computer, then I sit in my meditation chair, ground myself, connect to the Universe, and ask for permission to connect with that animal. I manually write down what comes up in the session, and when it’s done I type that up to send to the owner.

This video explains how that connection works:

And this one explains why I work remotely –

I take breaks whenever I feel I need them. I don’t go seamlessly from one session to the next. Instead I have a quick scroll through Facebook, or answer a couple of emails (or, bring in the washing, lol). I need to do something to just enable me to completely energetically disconnect from the previous session, and clear me ready for the next. If I feel I need more of a break I’ll go and read a book – or find something to watch on Netflix!

The other stuff

The rest of the day will typically be taken up with business stuff – scheduling my Facebook posts, writing blogs, composing my weekly newsletter, creating new courses etc.

I’m lucky too that I can work around whatever else is going on in my life, or appointments that I have – like having lunch with friends, or going to an afternoon movie with hubbie.

I’m usually finished by 5pm. Once a week in the evening I do a Facebook Live video (like the ones above), and if I’m presenting a webinar they tend to be in the evening too.

So – is that what you expected?! Let me know in the comments!

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About Trisha

Trisha Wren has been an equine professional for most of her adult life.  She rode, competed, and taught Western Riding for 15 years in Scotland, then taught horse and rider bio-mechanics in New Zealand and Australia for 10 years.  She’s been a full time horse and animal communicator since April 2016. Find out more about Trisha here and sign up for her self paced Animal Communication course here.