I’ve been working with some new volunteers recently, to find out how the feel of their animal energy differs.

Roughly 70% of the Animal Communication sessions I do are for horses, and the bulk of the rest are dogs and cats.  I’ve also worked with goats, chickens, guinea pigs, cockatiels, budgies, and sheep… yes, whole flocks of them!  I was curious about how the ‘feel’, or animal energy signature differed between different species, so, I put the word out for some more unusual pets to work with.  Along came a snake, a turtle, a lizard, some fish, a deer and a raccoon!

Some of the differences that I encounter are breed related, then of course there are individual personality quirks, and the actual energetic signature.

With horses – and I may very well be biased because I’ve been close to horses my whole life – I seem to achieve a much deeper connection.  They are very spiritual animals.  And, of course, often they are WORKING animals.  We strap equipment on or to them, and we ride them.

That raises an interesting question – is a horse a pet?

Are working dogs pets?  What about other working animals?

I digress – though I’d love to hear your views!

animal energy

Most horses work… are they still pets?

We expect, and do, so much more with our horses than we do with our dogs and cats.  Perhaps that’s why our relationship with them tends to be on a deeper level.  It’s even more important to keep a horse healthy and happy than is our dogs and cats – because after all we’re trusting our lives to them, by getting on their back and riding them.  And sometimes it seems like a whole lot more can go wrong with a horse!

So, when I communicate with horses, I get a much deeper level of information from them.

As some of you know, I’m a bit of a spreadsheet / statistics geek.  I keep track of all sorts of interesting info that I glean along the way with the many animals I chat to!  For instance, with horses I routinely ask them what incarnation they are on as a horse, and how spiritually mature they are.

It follows then that I’m very familiar with the animal energy ‘feel‘ of a horse.

Dogs feel fairly similar, but seem to generally have simpler wants and needs.  Cats, as expected, feel pretty independent and self sufficient!

When I checked in with a pet deer and a pet raccoon this week, I realised that basically all 4 legged mammals have a pretty similar ‘animal energy’ feel to me.

The fish I’ve chatted to were quite funny.  The goldfish analogy fit well – they had a short attention span, and very simple requirements!

I’ve helped a few birds, too – chickens, budgies, and cockatiels.  They didn’t feel too different, but didn’t offer much in the way of deeper connection.  As with all the others though, they were very receptive to any healing offered.  They tend to be very sensitive, and not need much energy from me to make a difference.

animal energy

Then this week I got the chance to talk to a snake, a turtle, and a lizard.

The snake was the most amazing – when I asked it, “can you let me feel what it’s like to be a snake?”  I felt like I was in a really deep meditation, and her energy was very slow moving.  She didn’t seem to understand – or have a need for – emotions like love.  She had no real need to chat, she was happy just being.

The lizard also didn’t have a need for emotions.  When I asked if he was happy, he said, “What’s happy?  I just am!”  In contrast to the snake, his energy field was very fast.

When I asked the turtle if she likes being a turtle, she said, “that’s a strange question!”  It’s a question I routinely ask horses, and they give a fairly clear yes / no (or sometimes ambivalent) answer.  So, it’s interesting to me that reptiles don’t seem to have that awareness – or, that they truly are happy just ‘being’.

As I’ve said before (check out the video below), I don’t get streams of conversation from random animals.  I have to make a deliberate connection, and generally ask questions in order to elicit information from them.  One of my next adventures is going to be to visit a zoo – places I usually avoid – and see if I can strike up a conversation with any of the animals there.  I’d love to know what they really think about their living conditions and how they’re looked after.  Watch this space for a blog on that topic!


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