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A quick video on why some things don’t come up in an animal communication session –

Why some things DON'T come up in an animal communication session...

I've noticed a few different reasons, watch to find out more 🙂

Posted by Trisha Wren, Equine Energetics on Thursday, June 21, 2018

And here’s why I measure things in my sessions –

What (and why) I measure when chatting to animals

Join me live this Saturday night at 8pm (NZ time), to find out what and why I measure in my Animal Communication sessions ;-)(Click 'get reminder' below, and Facebook will send you the video link as soon as I go Live 😀 )

Posted by Trisha Wren, Equine Energetics on Friday, February 1, 2019

“Why the energetic health of your horse matters”

– my Heart Centred Business Summit presentation (20 mins)

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My top Animal Communication tips –

animal communication tips

One thing I love to do is collect statistics about how horses feel or are affected by various things.

I ask for volunteer horses on my Facebook page, tune in with their energy, then use my pendulum to ask a specific question, eg ‘Do you like being ridden?’  I’ve gathered quite a bit of data so far – you can read some of the results here!

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If you’re already dabbling in Animal Communication yourself, and would like some clarity on what info you’re getting, check out my free Masterclass, ‘Deepen your Connection with your Horse

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