Have you ever been told your horse would benefit from Energy Balancing, and found yourself wondering what that actually means? What is Energy Balancing, and why would horses need it? How does it affect them, and what does it do?

First, what is ‘energy’, and why does it matter?

It can sound a bit ‘woo’, but basically it’s plain old physics – everything is made of energy. You and I, and every other being (and object, but let’s not go there this time) has energy running through us, and connecting us to all other energy. We have an energy field, or aura, around us which can protect us, and we have 7 large chakras or energy centers aligned with our spine. Those chakras, when spinning their energy correctly, help to move it through our body. When our energy field and chakras are balanced, our vibration will be higher, and it’s much more likely that we will be happy and healthy. When our energy is out of balance, our vibration will be lower, and we’ll be more open to illness, or unhappiness.

If you’ve ever just felt ‘off‘, and couldn’t put your finger on why, your energy was probably out of balance. And, unless you’re living in a bubble that’s completely isolated and unaffected by anyone else or any outside events, here’s the thing – your energy is going to get out of balance.

Guess what – the same applies to your horse.

How negative energy affects your horse

He’s affected by your energy. He’s affected by the energy of other people or horses he lives with or comes in contact with. He’ll also be affected by places he goes and whatever he comes into contact there.

Think of your farrier or vet coming to see him when they’re in a bad mood – that negative energy potentially affects the energy of anyone they come in contact with. You may even have noticed that your horse behaves differently depending on whether you’re feeling happy, sad, depressed etc.

We all get out of energetic balance, for all sorts of reasons. It works both ways, too – you’re more likely to get sick if you are out of balance, and, conversely, if you’re sick you’re more likely to be out of energetic balance.

It happens to us all. The skill is in,

  • first, being able to recognise it, and
  • second, knowing what to do about it.

How to recognise if your horse is energetically out of balance.

As I mentioned before, you might realise your horse would benefit from an Energy Balance if he suddenly feels ‘off’, or you have a gut feeling that something isn’t right.

  • Perhaps he is behaving differently, for no apparent reason.
  • It might be that he just doesn’t seem happy and you don’t know why.
  • Or, maybe he keeps injuring himself, or can’t seem to stay healthy.

How does Energy Balancing for Horses work?

There are many ways to balance energy, using different methods of ‘energy work’. Reiki, acupuncture, pendulums and crystals are some examples.

One easy method that I like to recommend to clients is the Masterson Method Bladder Meridian technique – you can watch a video on how to do that here.

For me, I do it routinely as part of my Animal Communication & Healing sessions, along with a variety of other energy related clearing and rebalancing (eg past lives).

How often does my horse’s energy need to be balanced?

That’s trickier. Just like us, some horses ‘hold’ their balance better than others. It depends a lot on their lifestyle, health, and spiritual maturity. You should find though that the more they stay in balance, the longer they will stay in balance. So, get skilled at noticing as soon as they need some help and get your horse an Energy Balance.

How will an Energy Balance benefit my horse – and me?

By keeping their energy in balance you’re much more likely to have a happier, healthier horse! When our energy is in balance we’re also less likely to get affected by other people’s moods, or by weird energy from somewhere we visit. We tend to stay on a much more even keel, and healthier too.

And remember, if you can do some hands on energy work yourself, Reiki, or even the Masterson technique above, it doesn’t have to cost you anything.

Kathryn said,

Everything is energy. Start with healing the inner energy and vibration through selfless thoughts and actions & the ripple effect heals each level of the body (ethereal to physical).
I have witnessed this with Trisha’s work. Her distance energy healing removed the energy created by trauma from my gelding. The result was a reconnection with himself & then physical healing of his mind & body.

Have a watch of this 25 min video for another exercise that you can do with your horse!

What about the energy of the Herd?

If you’ve got more than one horse, it’s worth making sure they’re all in balance, as a herd. If one or more is out of balance, they’ll likely affect the harmony and behaviour of the whole group. Book a Herd Rebalance here.

Leah said this after a herd rebalance of her Guinea Pigs,

Trisha rebalanced my girls after the introduction of 2 new GPs. They’re so peaceful now, no squabbling. Highly recommend Trisha!

Am I affecting my horse’s energy?

Very probably, yes!

If you’re feeling sad, depressed, angry, or frustrated, your horse will pick up on that energy. Some will simply absorb it and help you feel better, some will get more spooky, clumsy, or angry. If you notice a change in them, look to yourself first; is your negative energy causing it?

It’s definitely worth making sure you balance yourself (if you’re into meditation you might like this chakra balance guided meditation) – or, you might find that a Joint Horse & Rider energy balance is the way to go, to get you back on the same page.

After hers, Ruth said,

I can feel some shifts and today pony and I went out for a forest ride with a friend and an old gentleman horse- trust was experienced and enveloped us. A truly wonderful feeling!

Keep connecting with your horses,

Trisha x

About Trisha

Trisha Wren has been an equine professional for most of her adult life.  She rode, competed, and taught Western Riding for 15 years in Scotland, then taught horse and rider bio-mechanics in New Zealand and Australia for 10 years.  She’s been a full time horse and animal communicator since April 2016. Find out more about Trisha here and sign up for her self paced Animal Communication course here.