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Tune in to your Horse – next course date tba


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Learn how to:


  • Connect with your horse on a deeper level
  • Tune in to their energy field
  • Intuitively know when there’s something they’re trying to tell you
  • Understand what they’re feeling
  • Expand your ability to energetically see, hear, and feel what they want you to know

Our animals can’t express themselves verbally.
Let’s take English out of the equation, and learn new ways to tune in with them.

Learn non-verbal ways of asking questions, and understanding the answers!

How we’ll do it:


  • Weekly ‘live’ group training call, with meditations guided by me, and Q&A
  • New topic each week with supplementary background material
  • Separate Q&A call to ask any burning questions
  •  Weekly assignments to practice your new skills
  •  Private Facebook community for participants, to share your experiences and support each other
  •  This is an intimate group program, with only 10 women.

I found it to to be a really enjoyable course with many light bulb moments.  I found the face to face internet lectures fun and informative with a really lovely supportive group of people.  Trisha gives you the tools to connect on a deep level but also to answer those quick yes/no questions out in the paddock. Trisha was supportive and available for questions throughout the course which was super helpful. It has given me a way forward with all my animals something I am truly grateful for.
Thanks so much!

Jo Buhler


(This course was) a powerful and insightful experience for me, with a group of like minded souls who inspired and contributed to a positive and supportive energy for our journey.  Trisha’s clear and absolutely non judgmental approach gave me confidence and belief in my own experience.
I thank you Trisha for such a positive and affirming journey and would encourage anyone interested in exploring mind connection with animals to step out of your comfort zone and have go. Experiencing is believing!  

Jenny Spilsbury

Vic, Australia

Sign up for this exciting 6 week journey! Early Bird price only NZ $599, and includes a bonus 1-1 session

Think you can’t do it?

I was drawn to the 6 Weeks to Connect With Your Animals course after getting Trisha to do a reading on our Pony. I was fascinated in the answers Trisha got through this reading and was interested in seeing if it was possible to learn this as I was sure it was only possible through someone born with that gift. Although interested in this kind of thing my experience was nil. My biggest thing I got out of the course was to really believe in yourself and have confidence in yourself and what you see/hear/feel. I am able to communicate with our animals now, even at the very start of a steep learning curve. Our Pony was slightly lame at the start of this week, being able to communicate with him enabled me to find out what was wrong as there wasn’t any obvious systems showing. Absolutely delighted that I did this course and recommend it to all. Its a 5 out of 5 from me. Thank You Trisha.

Cathy Vennell


Frequently asked questions –

What makes this course different?

  • This course is in person, and full support – you get all the 1-1 time you need to ask your questions, plus a private Facebook group for extra support.
  • Numbers are small (max 10 participants).
  • The biggest thing that’s different about this course is that in each guided meditation I am actively holding the space for you, and providing extra energy and connection to the Universe, to ensure that you get the best experience and information you can.  This really enhances your recognition of what you are actually capable of!
  • The fact that the course is run over 6 weeks means that we are adding a new layer of experience each week, getting them really solid with some practice before moving on to the next topic.

How do the weekly calls work?

Our group calls are held over Zoom (a bit like Skype).  You’ll receive a link for each week’s call; just click to join the ‘meeting’.  You’ll be able to see, hear, and talk to everyone.

Each call is recorded, and loaded into the private Facebook group, so you can replay it (or just the meditation part) as often as you like.

What time are the calls at?

So far, with a mix of Kiwi and Australian participants, the optimum start time has been 8pm NZ / 6pm AEST.


I’m happy to adjust the call times according to the time zones of those taking part.

How much time does the course take?

Our weekly call lasts approx 1.5 hours.  We also have an optional informal call midweek of about an hour, to ask any questions.

As far as your own practicing goes, you can spend as little as 5 minutes a day up to 20 mins a day, or 20 mins a couple of times during the week, or an hour or two at the weekend – it’s entirely up to you.  Previous attendees who weren’t able to do much practice in between calls still had amazing experiences and made great progress.

What if I'm a new horse owner?

No problem – this is the perfect time for you to start as you mean to go on, and learn great communication skills up front!

What if I'm a total beginner?

I’ve had beginners on the course before who made great progress!  As long as you *want* this, and come with that positive intent, it will happen for you.

What if I'm not intuitive?

You may well be by the end of the course!  Everyone receives their information in different ways, and you’ll learn to interpret how it works for you.  You’ll also learn a variety of other ways that you can ask questions and receive clear answers.

Why do this course with me?

There’s no other Animal Communication course like this out there!  I’ve structured this course to maximise your learning and experiences, and the success of previous participants speaks for itself.  Do yourself a favour and immerse yourself now!

Come and experience the joy of being able to connect with your horse! Next animal communication course start date tba.

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