Summit Presentations, and Interviews

Understanding the secret language of animals

Frida Kabo’s Sensitive Success Podcast (25 mins)

1 June 2023


Visit Frida’s podcast page here to listen to the whole interview – scroll down to interview 75.

The Grassroots Gazette interview

March 2022

animal communication
animal communication

The ways you might be ‘hearing’ your horse

Shannon Cutts interview (44 mins)

6 January 2022


Are you aware of the language you use around or about your horse?

Horse World Connect podcast (50 mins)

23 November 2020


becoming aware of the language we use with our horses

“Deepening our connection with animals”

Sagacity Rising podcast (35 mins)

23 June 2020

deepening connection with animals

“Healing our Animal Partners”

Heal The World Summit presentation (30 mins)

15 January 2020

“Why the energetic health of your horse matters”

Heart Centred Business Summit presentation (20 mins)

24 October 2019

The Voice Within - Spiritual Radio, Free FM

22 August 2019 - 1 hour interview

Connecting Soul Beings Summit interview (40 mins)

October 2018

How I went from Equine Professional to Animal Communicator

The Voice Within - Spiritual Radio, Free FM - 7 November 2017 - interview (14 mins)