2021 Horse & Rider Forecasts

Find out what’s in store for you next year!  I’ll tune in to your joint energy, in the areas of Health, Work, and Relationship, and let you know what you need to look out for or work on.  You’ll receive a personalised pdf with your results.

Individual Meditations

Meditate with your horse!

Whether you’re a beginner to meditation or just trying to get into a regular routine, choose from my library of individual meditations to use at your convenience, and as many times as you like.

Meditation is a great way to routinely find relaxation, to learn how to clear your mind and listen to your body, and to start to tune in to those other messages from the Universe and beyond.

If you’re a novice, start with a Grounding or Mindfulness meditation, or a Chakra Balance.

More experienced meditations can find meditations on connecting with their Future Self, Healing, and Cutting Cords.

Read through the list, and go with what draws you – meditating with Fairies, connecting with Whales or trees, crystals or roses, and much more.

meditate with your horse

All meditations are recorded from my Meditation Group – so are infused with amplified energy, as if you are there meditating along with us; much more powerful than meditating alone!  You can join us here.

Using Pendulums With Animals – Recorded Workshop (2018)

Whether you’re already using a pendulum and want to expand your skills, or you’re starting from scratch, this hour long recorded workshop will give you my insights.

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My first published book (2019)

If you’d like an insight into what triggered my Animal Communication skills, and what’s possible to experience and accomplish in a meditation group this is for you.

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