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People of the Earth, signed book


Find out how my animal communication skills got kick started, and get an insight to the range of experiences possible in meditation, in my first published book, People of the Earth.

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People of the Earth

Ecology, survival and nurturing spirits


Peter Calvert, Richard Bentley, Carolyn Longden, Trisha Wren

My spiritual abilities, including Animal Communication, really didn’t appear for me in any significant way until I joined a well established meditation group 6 years ago.  (You can listen to the interview of my experiences there, here.)

The strong, amplified energy of that group – and the skills of the other members – exploded everything for me from the very first night, and I found myself having an astounding variety of experiences I could never have guessed at.  Suddenly I was channeling and chatting to souls in limbo, elementals, and other non-embodied identities.

For me, this book is a documentation of that time, but it’s also so much more.
We had many conversations with different elementals, spiritual beings who look after the land, air and water of our planet.  They told us their purpose, and their concerns, and wanted us to share them with others.

I hope this book gives you some insights, some inspiration, and ideas of how you might do your part to help them – and us.


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