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Horse Oracle Cards – bag only (no box)


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36 card deck of Horse Oracle cards, instruction booklet, and velvet drawstring bag – no box.

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NEW!  Unique high quality horse oracle cards    (no box - to get the sexy box too, go HERE).

Oracle cards are a great way to get insight, clarity, confirmation or guidance, whatever you are going through.  They're also a neat way to improve your intuition and connection, both to your horse and the Universe.

Each card has a unique message for you; use these cards to find out what your horse wants you to know right now.  Get clarity on what you need to work on to improve your connection and relationship.

Some cards have additional optional exercises or mantras for you to do to deepen the experience.


The Horse Collective is the name I was given for the collective past, present, and future energy of all horses.  Find out what they have to say, and how they can help you.


Deck comprises of 36 cards, plus accompanying instruction booklet, and carry bag.


The booklet gives you full details of a variety of ways that you can use the cards - no skill or prior experience required!  It can be as simple as just shuffling the deck while thinking about your horse, and picking a card.

D said,
"Thank you they are beautiful. This is my first go at anything like this.  I had a quick shuffle with them for each horse and it was a little scary how accurate they came out with each horse!! It was confirming what I basically thought already!"

Watch my video of how to use the cards here


If you do want to go deeper, check out my Oracle Card Workshop.

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