Online Meditation Group

Develop your skills
Benefit from regular meditation
Experience the amplified energy of meditating in a group
Share your experiences with like minded people


Each week I lead the group on a new guided meditation, hold space for you all, and help to amplify the group energy.

Here's a 30 sec snippet from one of the meditations so far, so you can get the gist (and decide if you like my voice!)


9pm New Zealand time (7pm Melbourne / Sydney, 8am UK)

   Only NZ $25 / month

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You’ll receive a reminder email 8 hours before each meditation, containing the link to join us live, plus an email next day with the recording if you want to watch / re-watch as many times as you like.


The small print – if you maintain your subscription, your starting fee is locked in.
If you cancel your subscription then decide to re-join, you’ll come back in at whatever the current fee is.

Thank you for the group meditation Trisha – very special.

I’ve now listened to this several times. I always go to sleep at some stage, but I’ve now got the whole ‘picture’. Last time, I could see shapes of people. My colours are mostly bright silver, some of which have pale pink mixed in x

Thank you very much for the Sunday meditation, I have just done it (Tuesday), I don’t think the difference in time doing it later made it any less potent.  It felt amazing and very deeply under meditation, I felt the group energy. I felt my guide visit me as a coolness on my right. Thank you again Trisha

As with the first group meditation, I’ve tuned in to the second one several times now since receiving the link; the main reason being that I always fall asleep and don’t remember much of it. This time, I experienced all of it, and at the end I returned to earth laughing joyously as I hurtled down an anticlockwise brightly painted helter skelter! I couldn’t wait to tell you this as I was so excited. Had I been influenced by your own experience when listening previously? I don’t know ……. but it was certainly fun and exhilarating. Thank you ???