Free Horse Oracle Card draw – get your daily guidance here

This 36 card deck contains unique messages for you, channeled by me with the support of the Horse Collective.

What does your horse want you to focus / work on, to deepen your connection and relationship?

Just picture your horse in your mind, then click the deck below to receive today’s guidance.

Note: if you don’t have a horse, these messages will apply just as well to any other relationship.

Flip card
Horse oracle cards

This horse knows where he’s going – are you going with him?

The first card you pick is the card you need today!  Sit with it and see what it brings up for you.

Come back tomorrow for another card.

horse oracle cards
horse oracle cards
Horse Oracle Cards

To get full instructions on the many ways you can use this deck, the expanded messages and insights, info on how to interpret what you’re getting, plus optional extra exercises, you can buy your own deck here.

Are you ready to connect with your own guidance, as and when you need?

Using your own deck infuses it with your, and your horse’s energy, for a deeper connection.

Take your relationship to new levels now!