The business groups have been abuzz for weeks, sharing what their ‘word of the year’ is going to be for 2019.

Words like SHINE, POWER, TRANSFORM, and VISIBILITY were popular.

It got me thinking – what would our pet’s word be? Would they even have one?!

I put it out there in this Facebook Live:

animal word of the year

and answers like SCRATCH, CARROT, and MINE came up, lol.

Because, when you think about it, animals live much more in the present than us, don’t they?

  • I shared that Pippa, my 10 year old rescue, would choose the word WATER – she’s got water on the brain, and jumps in every farm trough we pass on our walks!
  • And Levi, hubbies dog, would surely have the word COURAGE – because he’s very sensitive and I think would love to be braver.
  • My horse Sioux’s word would surely be REALLY? Yup, she’s seen it all and still rolls her eyes at me!

I wondered though, are we just assuming, or even anthropomorphising?

So, today, I decided to ask every animal I chatted to in my Animal Communication sessions what their word for 2019 would be!

It’s a small sample (7 horses, 3 dogs and a cat) so, really it’s just a bit of fun – but here are the results:

  • 9 said, No, they didn’t have a word for 2019 (and, big surprise, some said it with quite a bit of disdain, lol!)
  • One said she did have a word – and was extremely excited about that – but then, when put on the spot, couldn’t come up with what a good word would be!

And only 1 (a horse), said yes – his word, a really good one, was ONWARDS!

My conclusion?

Well I think I said it – animals live much more in the moment than us. They have no need or desire to plan ahead the way that we do. Much kudos to those of you who knew what your horse’s word was – and that it was something they wanted right NOW!

And maybe – just maybe… – we could all take a leaf out of our pet’s books, and just live in the moment……

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About Trisha

Trisha Wren has been an equine professional for most of her adult life.  She rode, competed, and taught Western Riding for 15 years in Scotland, then horse and rider bio-mechanics in New Zealand and Australia for 10 years.  She’s been a full time horse and animal communicator since April 2016, and also runs regular Animal Communication online workshops.  Find out more about Trisha here.


Trisha with Levi and Pippa

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