Animal Communication Webinar

The Insider’s Guide to Animal Communication


Do you ever wonder:

Why your pet doesn’t listen to you?
Whether they are deliberately ignoring you?
If they understand anything you say?

This webinar is for you!


Let’s get your communication back on track, and you and your pet understanding each other.


Come and learn –

The 8 ways your animals are already communicating with you, and what they mean;
Four easy ways you can improve your communication with them;
and my top tips for developing your animal communication skills.


Join me on Zoom on 22 November 2018:

8pm NZST  –  6pm AEST  –  9am BST
The replay will be available afterwards.
I’d love to see you there – and live attendees are in with the chance to win a free spot on my December 6th course – ‘Using Pendulums With Pets’.
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