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Do animals hide things from their owners?

Sometimes owners ask 'Why didn't this come up in my animal communication session?'  Perhaps their horse has a current or old injury they expected to find out about.  So, do our animals hide things from us?  Most of the time when I'm doing sessions it's on animals that...

How horses communicate re saddle fit

They may not be able to talk, but animals communicate with us in all sorts of different ways, if we're  paying enough attention.  Horse communication can be obvious, once you're really paying attention. Is your horse trying to tell you something about its saddle? I...

Do horses like being ridden? And other burning questions

As you may or may not know by now, as well as being a Horse Communicator I also love statistics 😉  I'm always really interested to note some of the common responses I get when I'm doing remote animal communication sessions, regarding things like happiness, pain,...

Do animals mind their name being changed?

Before becoming an Animal Communicator I always thought it was a bit rude to change an animal's name.  It's theirs, it's what they're used to.  With dogs especially, they have usually been trained to answer and respond to their name.  Surely you'd have to start all...

The Power of negative language

I wonder when it became so acceptable and normal to use such negative language in relation to horse riding and keeping?  We forget what power the positive and negative energy of a simple word can have. Has it always been this way? I recently heard an international...

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