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Does your animal have a word for 2019?

The business groups have been abuzz for weeks, sharing what their 'word of the year' is going to be for 2019. Words like SHINE, POWER, TRANSFORM, and VISIBILITY were popular. It got me thinking - what would our pet's word be? Would they even have one?! I put it out...

Can animal communication fix all my problems?

What are your reasons for booking an Animal Communication session, or a healing session of some sort? Are you curious about what might come up? Looking for answers about a particular situation / experience? Or, are you looking for a 'silver bullet'? In my experience,...

How intelligent is your pet?

Here's the confession - I decided to do a survey asking 'how intelligent is your pet' because one of my dogs (Pippa, a rescue we've had for almost 2 years), really seems a bit dim sometimes!  She's smart enough to be trainable and is very obedient and eager to please...

Are you adversely affecting your pet?

This week I found myself wondering this week how much of an animal's issues are actually caused by their owners...  I sent the word out on Facebook, and so far have checked 79 animals (including my own!). I make an energetic connection via the photo and name that the...

Do the past lives of horses affect them?

This week I suddenly wondered whether the past lives of horses were adversely affecting them, and if so, how much. So, I put out a call for volunteers, and lots of lovely people sent me a photo and name of their horse. I do these surveys using a powerful pendulum.  I...

Do animals hide things from their owners?

Sometimes owners ask 'Why didn't this come up in my animal communication session?'  Perhaps their horse has a current or old injury they expected to find out about.  So, do our animals hide things from us?  Most of the time when I'm doing sessions it's on animals that...

How horses communicate re saddle fit

They may not be able to talk, but animals communicate with us in all sorts of different ways, if we're  paying enough attention.  Horse communication can be obvious, once you're really paying attention. Is your horse trying to tell you something about its saddle? I...

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