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Spiritual Development

1 Oct 2017


Private One to One Sessions


For those who wish to further their own spiritual development, I offer personalised one to one sessions.  Whether you are interested in learning how to:

  • meditate

  • ask for guidance

  • use a pendulum

  • communicate with your own animal/s, or an animal / person who has passed

  • trust your intuition

  • find out what's next on your spiritual path

  • expand your gifts

or whatever else comes up, we can explore and develop the possibilities together.




On application, I meditate to check:

a)  it's appropriate and beneficial for me to work with you in this way,

b)  the length and number of sessions recommended fo you


Then, we just arrange a mutually convenient date!  If you're interested, drop me an email.  



Meditation Retreats:

Come to Cassie's Farm for a weekend (or longer), stay in The Woolshed. and enjoy the serenity and magical energy here.  Includes guided meditations on the farm, in our native bush blocks.