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Clinics, lessons, training etc

Trisha uses her range of skills to help you and your horse, on the ground and in the saddle.  

She specialises in helping you 'connect' with your horse. If you have a specific issue or problem that needs addressing, Trisha is skilled at identifying where the communication breakdown lies, clarifying requirements, and rebuilding trust and understanding.


Through a series of in-hand exercises, the horse's body movement and suppleness will be evaluated and developed. From this starting point she will help you develop the communication between horse and handler, improving performance (softness, attention, self-carriage) as we go.


If you want to improve your riding effectiveness, Trisha will introduce you to unmounted exercises that will improve your posture and understanding of how your body works - particularly in relation to your ridden communication with your horse. In the saddle you will learn new techniques which will enable you both to work as a team, in an easy, soft and fluid way. Whether you are a recreational rider or competitive in any discipline you will learn how to maximise your effectiveness and performance, whilst improving your communication and relationship with your horse - both of you will be happier!


Private lessons $60 p/h here at Cassie's Farm, $75 if within 1 hours drive, $80 elsewhere.  Monthly lessons available in Tauranga and Auckland, and regular clinics elsewhere, including Australia.  See schedule or contact Trisha for further details.


Trisha also offers a unique start to young horses, schooling and / or rehabilitation for older horses, and residential intensives of varying lengths for those who really want to immerse themselves in Connected Riding.

Updated 31 March 2010