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Animal Communication & Healing Session Feedback

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"I am astonished at the changes that I am seeing in (my horse), and I can really see him in what you wrote.  


He is more grounded and not as spooky in the paddock.  His droppings look much more consistent and better formed and shiny!  


When I go to see him he is softer and less aloof.  Yesterday he just quietly stood there with a bot fly hovering around him which used to totally stress him out.  


I also noted that his sinuses are draining freely now. He always had to do a lot of snorting and head shaking initially on moving around. It usually took a good 10 to 15 minutes of light exercise for his sinuses to start clearing.  


Thanks so much Trish, this was really amazing and helped me a lot, too. It’s a real eyeopener."          Feb 2018

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