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Feedback - Intensive  Pendulum Healing

"Approximately 7 years ago I suffered a medical misadventure.  The dentist got the anesthetic in the blood stream. All hell  broke loose in my body. Two years later when my new dentist managed to get me an appointment  with an immunologist at Auckland hospital, I was told 'local anesthetic works well if it stays local but if it gets into the blood stream chaos ensues. Virtually all body systems are affected.'


I have tried several alternative medical modalities all with quite devastating results. So when Trisha suggested I try her (pendulum healing) treatment I was very reluctant. Trisha convinced me she could do it without wiping me out. She was amazingly correct. I had an intensive hour and a half treatment and slowly but very comfortably improved over the next six days. Another week later and I feel normal for the first time since the the accident. I have my old 'calm' back and am able to get through a day without feeling exhausted and ill.


Since then I have had Trish treat my boisterous young weimaraner who was suffering a very painful muscular injury. Not only has that been attended to by her treatment but lots of other stuff was dealt with (as with my treatment) that ensures a deep complete healing. Amazing stuff. Thanks Trish."

Barb Pronger, Oct 2017


"Had a fabulous healing session (in person) with fantastic results! "

Violet, Oct 2017


"I was recommended Trisha Wren from a special friend, to contact for a pendulum healing. I had an acute skin rash on both my lower legs. I was taking herbs and using natural lotions. These were working however I believed there were deeper issues to resolve. I made contact with Trisha who conducted a pendulum healing (by phone).  Wow, an amazing experience and a gentle process of healing occurred.  After my initial session I  contacted Trisha  and she did some follow up testing with her pendulum. Two weeks later my rash was completely gone.


Absolutely a beautiful experience. Trisha was so professional and caring. I certainly would recommend a pendulum healing session to everyone.


Thank you so much for your healing."

Brenda Stephens, Oct 2017