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Learn how to connect with your horse/s on a whole new level.

Tune in with your horse's energy field

Find out what they want you to see, hear, or feel

Expand your spiritual abilities!


What you get:

* Weekly 'live' group call, with meditations guided by me, and Q&A *

(there will be a replay for anyone who can't make it,

but this is probably the most important part of this workshop)

* Weekly background material to support the theme of the week *

* Weekly 'informal' call to ask any burning questions *

* Closed Facebook group for participants, where you can

share your progress and ask questions *

* A homework exercise to practice each week *

* Limited numbers (10), keeping it intimate and inclusive *

Email:  Telephone: (64) 0210-231-6473

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$444 per person

First 3 to sign up receive a free human energy balance session

Sign me up!

6 weeks to Connect With Your Horse!


online group workshop


Starts 18 Jan 2018

On sign up, I'll add you to the group FB page, where you'll get details of

the topics for each week, a link to the group call software, and other goodies.

Weekly call at 8pm NZ time

It's hard to describe a 6 week period where you are enabled to immerse yourself in the world of your horse(s).... and learn to connect to them. The emotions, the 'ah ha' moments, the disbelief and even the tears. you just have to experience it.


It was great to be part of the course which opened the door to more options to better improve my understanding and relationships with my animals.


I had a great experience attending this course was a wonderful insight to a different world xxx


Good to know there are others out there. Really enjoy the course and the people. So much more positive going forward

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