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Human Intuitive & Intensive Healing Sessions

The remote / distance sessions I do with people are focussed on energy balancing and healing.


I will clear negative energy, repair and rebalance the energy field / aura, activate and rebalance the chakras, and apply healing where necessary.  


When our energy is out of balance, we are more likely to feel 'off' or in a negative frame of mind and are less able to heal ourselves.  


All sessions can be done remotely, or live via Skype / messenger.





I work with a healing pendulum and a variety of charts, to clear and heal emotional blockages, release past life traumas, and send intensive healing on any physical issues.





In these sessions I make my energy and spiritual connections available to help open up and develop your own particular gifts.  


That might be:

  • learning how to meditate more effectively,

  • learning how to use a pendulum, 

  • trusting and following your intuition, 

  • asking for guidance from the universe or your own guides, 

  • connecting with your own animal/s,

  • or even assisting souls in limbo to move on to the light.  


Each session is personal to you and completely confidential.



All sessions can be either remote, in person, or online (Skype / Messenger).  

Email me to discuss.

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