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How I work with Animals

For distance sessions I work in a meditative state.  I do a scan of the body to identify any

physical issues, an energetic scan and rebalance (aura / energy field, and chakras), and any  

intensive healing that is required.  I also ask a number of standard questions (eg do they like

their owner / where they live, tack, feed etc).  My preference is to do my first 'pass' without knowing anything about the horse; I'll then come back to you with feedback, and you have 24 hours to ask any additional questions.



If you are able to bring your horse / animal to me, I work hands on with them.  This involves

a combination of energy / pendulum work, and hands on work.  It is very much 'guided' work,

intuitive, as my hands are taken where they need to be.  I use combinations of Reiki,

acupressure, TTouch, Masterson, and Connected Groundwork, to rebalance the body's

energy and release tension.



Here at Cassie's Farm, I'll work with your horse daily with a pendulum to remove negative

energy.  Once their energy is stable, I will add intuitive bodywork to release tensions and old

postural habits.  I may then add remedial in-hand work using the Tellington Method and

Connected Groundwork.


Please note:

  • I am not clairaudient, ie I don't hear the animals talk to me (usually) or have conversations with them.  Instead I am shown pictures, get 'feelings' (eg what a certain thing feels like to the horse), and get clear 'yes' and 'no' answers when I ask questions.

  • If your request for me to do a distance communication is urgent, please make sure you tell me that up front.  Otherwise, I very much wait until the time is right / the animal is ready.

  • I always ask permission (from the animal, and the universe) before starting a session.

Updated 30 Jan 2017

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