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Feedback from Horse Communication / Healing sessions , 2017

WOW is all I can say.  You hit the nail on the head.   I'm soooo happy to hear (your feedback) for I felt that all that she has communicated to you is what she has been telling me, but I just didn't know how to listen.   Thank you so much for the information.



Well Trisha the farrier has just confirmed what you said in (my horse's) last reading was "100% correct"!  Thank you



From the winner of the Feb free session draw -

The biggest thank you to Trisha Wren who rebalanced my herd today.  My horses are moving more freely and are so much happier in themselves.  Feeling very grateful <3 



Trisha has been INCREDIBLE at helping with (my horse's) recovery!  (He) has a chat & clearing now with Trisha every 8-10 weeks now to top him up - actually due shortly!

She really is incredible :-)  



JUST so you know (he) worked  remarkably sounder tonite... nearly totally sound... the slight very slight irregularity I see is more his memory telling him he is stiff and with confidence in a couple of days he will move past that, he was also a LOT softer when he saw me., not desperate to grab every moment of attention (before) xxxx

THANKYOU Trisha from my heart and from (his) heart xxx I have tears in my eyes typing this xxxx   Hugs Trisha cant thank you enough



Omg I'm absolutely in disbelief at the difference in (my horse).  It is incredible.  He is like a different animal.  His eye is totally different & he is just so much happier.

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