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Feedback from Horse Communication sessions

(My horse) has been so much better lately and looks a million bucks.  Your work really makes a massive difference – please don’t ever stop!  JS


I count myself very fortunate to be working with Trisha and her energy rebalancing/healing. I get such an incredible insight into how best to help my horse and when I can team up with my fantastic body worker then it is nothing short of amazing.  Thank you.  EI


THANKYOU, you are BANG on the money! I Am BLOWN AWAY at what you have picked up, incredible work. Thank you, amazing, I am hugely impressed. HM 


Speechless. You are amazing and right on with all. He is due for his teeth so will get working on that! Today was the first day I was able to see him since you worked with him. Oh my what a difference he had a spring in his step, his stride was longer, his whole body felt more relaxed, he just felt like he had woken up!!! Thank you soooooo much.  KH


I was just reminded about your communication session with (my horse) due to a saddle fitter commenting on how hard the panels are on his saddle and me telling her how you had also mentioned this!  Thank you so much for talking with him.  So many things were so right!  And now he is having a lovely new saddle made especially for him!  JD


Just told my hoof trimmer that (my horse) had requested via you to rebalance him, about his left toe being too long and his right heel being too high. She said that information totally makes sense as he'd be compensating for various pain stages and spots and that she was going to get to him as soon as she could and correct it for him. So thanks for that Trisha!   AJ


Just thought I would let you know that I am doing all the things that you suggested with (my horse) and we are having lots of fun. We love getting your messages it has helped us a lot. LB


Thank you so much for your help with my boy. He has been a very much more relaxed horse for the last few days.   TM


Thanks for all you did for (my horse) & I, it has helped move us forward.  JB

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