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Feedback from human Energy Balancing  & Healing sessions

Thank you.  Sounds bang on and I'm pleased that I'm moving forward away from these issues finally.    Funny I've picked up on some subtle changes already and people have presented themselves to me randomly in support of current changes.   Can't wait to see what's next.  Thank you again


 Oh wow, I can feel so much difference! Thank you!!  (Oct 17)


 (10am, balanced for stress, overwork, cleared negative energy.)  2pm - I actually feel so much more settled and sure of myself.  7pm - I still feel alive at 7pm when normally I'm dead to the world! xxx


  Yesterday morning I (had an appointment); when I left, I suddenly noticed I felt better, lighter, different. I got home and your email was waiting for me!


 Thank you soooo much, I am feeling so much better! I even woke up happy and I am not a morning person!


  (NB, I did this session mid afternoon.)  There was a time this afternoon where I suddenly felt motivated, happy and energetic. I had a great session with (my horse) straight after. I read your message straight after. Thank you. (My husband) has also been  really well the last 3 days. Love ya work <3


 When I read (the feedback from your session) earlier...from that moment on I saw so much yellow...yellow cars, signs, flowers, and 2 large yellow trucks...I was kinda feeling I was being shown how important your yellow was to me

And as an aside the pain in the right side on my neck has gone.... it appears that you fixed that too.  Thank you again for your magic. ..I am sincerely grateful


  I am feeling 110% better, thank you soooo much, your help made a massive difference.  I've done exactly what you suggested and am feeling the comfort.  The protocol (you gave me) will stay high in my consciousness for now!  xx