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Distance (or Residential) Intensives

1 Oct 2017

If your animal is recovering from injury or surgery, or struggling to stay energetically balanced, I'll check in with them twice a day for rebalancing and healing.


By consistently bringing their body back into balance, we are giving their system

the best possible chance of healing themselves or fighting disease.



Of the horses that I have done this for so far, the underlying reason / cause has



  • Hoof abscess - rebalancing 2-3 times daily, as soon as the abcess starts


  • Breathing / allergy issues - keeping them comfortable until medication or

       healing kicked in


  •  Colic - keeping them comfortable and able to fight recurrance.


  • Injury rehab - making sure he's ready to start work again.





  • Healing and recovery from surgery


Remote, or here at Cassie's Farm.  Email me to discuss your needs.