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Feedback for week ending 18 Dec 2016

18 Dec 2016


(My horse has) been a real pain about riding out around the farm on his own - not confident, napping etc. Have hacked him out twice since you talked to him and he's been so much fun! Relaxed, cruisy, and interested in where we're going. He seems in a really happy place. Thank you xx  We could barely get halfway up the raceway 2-3 weeks ago - now he plods along like a dude and I can ride with no reins!



I changed to beet (as you said he wanted / needed) and straight away after 3 days his ribs have fleshed up! He also always used to leave his chaff and now eats all his feed.  He also used to walk away from feed towards the bottom of it and then come back. I had treated him for ulcers but this didn't change it. However now after the beet and chamomile he doesn't do that any more!



Thanks heaps Trisha, that is amazing.  I was aware that something was still not quite right with (my horse).  (The info is) very helpful.  What you have told me does make a lot of sense to how he is.



Me: her teeth need doing; I got, ‘long over due’.  When I checked to see if they were sharp / out of balance / wave / ramp, I got ‘everything’, lol.  Her TMJ is tight.  There’s muscular tension around the poll, and 4/5 for pain there.  


Owner: Dentist has just been, and said she had temperomandibular joint disorder because her teeth were so misaligned. All done now, and a cranial massage too.   I'm so glad you spoke to them - I would have had no idea her teeth were that bad!

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