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Examples of Accuracy


   These are some snippets of feedback on accuracy that I've received:


  • Me - her energetic blackness was caused by an accident when she was a foal. Owner - yes, I was told about a big accident she had as a foal, in a drain I believe.


  • Me - right hind hoof, the heels are too long.  Owner - I doubt it, just trimmed at weekend but will check tonight.  Next day, owner - omg, you were right, 1cm longer, and I remembered I'd been interrupted why trimming and hadn't finished that hoof!


  • Me - there's a problem with the tail; damaged in some way from being pulled on.  Owner - he got badly caught up in an electric fence and had 2 pigtails attached to his tail, he had obviously been pulling them round with his tail getting yanked on for several hours.


  • Me - there's a skeletal problem with the left fore, whole leg.  It is an issue and will be an issue in the future - it's serious and will cause lameness.  Potential owner - thank you, that's fantastic.  I knew there was a problem with the left fore, an injury as a foal.  I will stop pursuing it.



"Trisha is amazing.... I have personally had readings prior to going to vets & boom ... after Vets intrusive nerve blocks, ultrasounds & xrays vets have said exactly what Trisha was "told" by my horse. Therefore Trisha is first port of call now without any stress to my horse. Yes I still think this is freaky but how can I not follow it when 4 outta 4 times Vets have confirmed what Trisha said the issue is!  Dont get me wrong Vets still are an important part of animal care but as a first or second opinion - start with Trisha.  She certainly has a talent."



"It was funny as I took his rug off that morning and thought - wow you look different, wonder if you have chatted to Trisha yet - when I came in I saw your email so there was a tangible difference in the way he looked this time."



  • Me - her teeth need doing; the front to back balance is off.  It’s not serious, and not affecting her right now, but will become an issue if not addressed.  Also, her saddle isn’t fitting; it’s asymmetrical and pressing her right shoulder. Owner - her teeth were done Oct however have been told she has unusual shape mouth and do 6 monthly :)  She had a new saddle made for her but it is too tight in the shoulders and I'm insisting they widen it.



  • Me: her teeth need doing; I got, ‘long over due’.  When I checked to see if they were sharp / out of balance / wave / ramp, I got ‘everything’, lol.  Her TMJ is tight.  There’s muscular tension around the poll, and 4/5 for pain there. Owner: Dentist has just been, and said she had temperomandibular joint disorder because her teeth were so misaligned. All done now, and a cranial massage too.   I'm so glad you spoke to them - I would have had no idea her teeth were that bad!