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About Trisha

From here I got more interested in the biomechanics of the horse and rider, Feldenkrais (body awareness through movement), and the Tellington Method, which has to be the softest most considerate way of working with horses on the ground that I have experienced.


I always had a yearning to understand animals better, and be able to 'talk' to them.  Learning Reiki helped start opening me up to energetic ways of working, and I did go on a couple of 'animal communication' workshops but didn't feel much different afterwards.  I also desperately wanted to be able to meditate but it didn't seem to happen for me.


Then my  husband and I emigrated from Scotland to New Zealand in September 2005, and in 2013 a major change happened when a friend invited me to her meditation group.  Suffice to say that the group energy changed everything for me and I haven't looked back!


My Journey:


Over the next couple of years I felt as if I had been fast tracked on some spiritual journey.  


It seemed like every possible experience was being thrown at me, checking to see if I could feel, articulate, and cope with different things.  


I was in a very safe, supportive environment, and never felt any fear, but instead relished the adventure, sucked in the new information, and kept asking for more!  

('Bring it on' was a common mantra, lol.)  


I learned how to protect myself, how to connect with different levels of Spirit, and, most importantly how to pay attention to my intuition.


I also started to get more information about horses on a spiritual level, like their reincarnation process, and their life purpose.  


While teaching clinics in 2014 I experimented with putting my hands on the horses and connecting through them to the Universe.  I found that from here I could access a different level of information about that horse.  


This ability evolved to where I could connect to a known horse without having to touch them, and by the end of 2014 I had developed my own protocol for doing Distance Communications with them.  


I was amazed with the positive feedback I received from owners about the accuracy.  In September 2015 I suddenly 'knew' that I would now be able to do the same with horses I had never met, and I started doing sessions from photographs.  Again, the feedback was exciting.  


In April 2016 I finally realised that this spiritual path is where all my focus and energy should lie.  I stopped all the travelling and teaching I'd been doing for the last 15 years and now spend my days mostly connecting with animals from my meditation chair!  


Nearly 2 years on, it's now early 2018, and my own development has been the ability to work more with humans, not just animals, offering energy balancing, healing, and spiritual development, and starting up my own online animal communication workshops.  The journey continues!

I received Enlightenment Degree 2 from AgapeSchoolinz in April 2014


I am a Certified Practitioner in the Tellington Equine (TTEAM) Method,

The Equine Touch, and Emotional Freedom Technique.


For other qualifications and experience click here.



Well, I was born in Scotland, where I had regular riding lessons as a child, rode friends ponies, and worked at a Welsh Cob stud farm.  


I bought my first horse in my early 20's, and switched to Western riding after getting my BHS Stage 3.  


I rode Western for 15 years, including organising shows and clinics, teaching, and competing, then worked in the US as apprentice / assistant to a well known clinician for 2 years.  


Hi, thanks for checking me out!  


I'm Trisha, and I'm a full time Animal Communicator and healer.  My specialty is horses - they speak to me in a way other animals don't - though I also do communicate with dogs, cats, birds, goats etc.


If you're concerned about your horse or pet, want to know what's going on with them, or just want reassurance that they're happy and healthy,