Trisha Wren ~ Connect With Your Horse




Equine Energy Work


I work with animals, in person or 'distance', to identify

physical and energetic blockages that are affecting their

behaviour, performance, health, or demeanor.


Unexplained or unusual behaviour can often be attributed to

energetic imbalance. By clearing and rebalancing the aura and chakras,

I enable animals to free themselves of bad experiences or memories,

then add either hands on or distance healing to address any physical issues.


Whether you are just curious to know what your horse / animal is thinking,

or are concerned about their behaviour or physical health,

a distance communication might help.  

Just email me a photo of the animal  and its name, along with any

questions or concerns you have.  A head shot is fine.

Cassie's Farm, 815 Maungakawa Rd, RD4, Cambridge, New Zealand   Email:  Telephone: 07 827 0240

Updated 25 Apr 2016